Needs are complex. When things are going well, we are not only in contact with them, they’re being fulfilled. We all know, however, what it’s like when things are not going well. In those cases we are not in contact with our needs. Often people answer the question “What exactly do you really WANT?” with a shrug. That’s a pretty good sign. So there are conscious needs, there are pre-conscious needs, those you are just barely aware of, and there are unconscious need, pressing for fulfillment. You can feel it, but you can't express it yet.

As if that weren’t complex enough, there are personal needs, familial needs and collective, societal needs, all pressing for expression as well.  The need to “belong”, for example is one for which we sacrifice a great deal. The more conscious this one is, the more satisfied YOU are. The need for 'intimacy' is, of course another one. It goes hand in hand with the need to set 'boundaries'.....another area of profound agita.

As mentioned above, there are numerous models which symbolically represent needs. These models are often taught as cast in stone, as indoctrination, as if the symbols and metaphors were actual things. They're not! They ARE complex processes which are symbolically represented. Learning to speak YOUR OWN dialogue of this language is the definition of "LA DOLCE VITA!"
Learn this and you become a "Life Artist". Your life becomes your creation.

How exactly can you start learning this? You guessed it!