About me

This is the part where I describe my coaching style and technique. 
The short version is:
“I do what is necessary for YOU to get YOU to where YOU want to be!”

You will notice that “i” appears once and “YOU” appears three times. There is a good reason for that…coaching centers around your needs, your goals and your vision.

The longer version of this description gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the sources of my coaching style. 

Here it comes:

I’ve always been curious about how I tick. Then I got curious about how people in general tick. Because we are so complex in our ticks, this passionate curiosity turned into certifications in a number of really interesting disciplines and models. Some of them are mainstream, some are way out. That means you might have a knee-jerk reaction to one or the other of them. Something like "That's a load of crap!" That's OK. It was often my first reaction. I hope you'll do as I did and read on. Sometimes it just ain't so...

I’ll describe them briefly one by one, so you can get a sense of what goes on in coaching.


Astrological practice, as I've refined it over three decades,  is needless to say, much more than what you might read in the papers. It's the study of self-making. It's the art of living well. It's the science of understanding how we function, the surface structure and the deep structure, consciously, pre-consciously and un-consciously. It is at once, applied psychology and applied philosophy. 
It is what the ancient Greeks meant by their phrase: 

γνῶθι σεαυτόνgnōthi seauton, KNOW THYSELF!!!


Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, or NLP as it’s called, has extracted the best practices in Coaching and Therapy and has its origins in the concept behind Watermans’ tome “In Search of Excellence”. Using assorted communication soft-skills from the “Meta-Model of Language”, “Mirroring”, “Hypnosis”, “Re-Framing” “Cybernetics” and “Re-Imprinting”, among others, NLP asks the question “What Works” and applies the answers with great speed and effectiveness.


This fascinating discipline is a study in the patterns that have imprinted us, with a strong emphasis on permanently and optimally changing these patterns in ways satisfying to YOUR real needs. You will have already noticed that this discipline uses the word "constellations"! Now it becomes clearer why this is one of my passions and how it might dovetail with psychological Astrology. Without necessarily doing a full-blown constellation, much in coaching revolves around how such inner patterns affect our behavior and exactly what you can do to get these where you want them!


Cranio-Sacral methodology is a branch of Osteopathy and centers around the flow of information between the Brain, the Spine and the Sacral Bone in all their complexity. Through the subtlest of postural and breath techniques, our coachings bring you to your energetic center and give you techniques for staying there.

ARCHETYPES and the “Parts” Model

An Archetype, very close to Fritz Perls “Gestalt”, is an inner representation of a primary human need. These Archetypes, as representations of our personal and collective needs appear to us internally as dreams and externally as mythology. How we encounter these archetypes and what they bring forth in us changes over time. This change is optimized in YOUR coachings with me.


Your voice, its resources, its authenticity and its charisma is the key to your success. Whether it’s marketing, leadership, teamwork, setting limits/boundaries for yourself or others, expressing YOUR needs,  or an effective ‘pitch’, your voice is crucial to how you communicate. Functional vocal technique uses a variety of physiological methods to rapidly improve your vocal habits, so your voice is healthy, resonant and authentic!


Yoga is a time-tested methodology to bring your inner life and your outer behavior into an optimal synch. A Yoke, (or Joch, in German) is a device that allows two strong animals to work together in perfect harmony. Just so is Yoga a device that allows a variety of apparent dichotomies; Body-Mind, Conscious-Unconscious, Ego-Self, Limbic Brain–NeoCortex, Left-Right brain hemispheres, Sympathetic-ParaSympathetic Nervous Systems and so many more, to work together optimally in ways that support YOUR life!


This is an ancient meditation technique, taught for more than 2500 years in India. It means: "seeing things as they are" and was brought to the west by the late S.N. Goenka. Specific techniques within this fascinating discipline are taught in many different meditation schools. I've used these techniques over the years for myself and my clients to find appropriate stillness and centeredness in the midst of chaos and the inevitable drama queens (and kings) who occassionally appear on the scene.

How exactly these are combined is part of the creative fun and hard work for both of us in our coachings. I look forward to working with you.

Any questions or interested in booking a session?