Evan Bortnick


A unique mix of the Archetypes, Astrology, NLP, Human Design and Mental Yoga. 


Let the stars and the archetypes show you the inner landscape of your real needs. 

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Archetypal Coaching

Have you ever wondered what REALLY makes you tick? 

Have you ever had a vague feeling that you’re starting a new life phase, yet couldn’t really grasp it?

Have you ever noticed that in a lot of ways, the same things keep happening over and over…..and you wish you could not only understand it, but change it?

Is there such a thing as “YOUR NATURE”, independent of genes, environment or upbringing?


If your answer to any of these questions is “YES” or even “MAYBE”, please either scroll down or


If you suspect the answer to the above questions is YES/MAYBE, you might be in vital contact with your Archetypes. 


Archetypes have a long history as a model for understanding your most essential personal needs, from the most basic to the most elevated. Vital contact with your real, personal needs is THE recipe for a fulfilling life. There are many entities out there who are more than willing to tell you what you need; your family, your friends, advertisers of all kinds, religious leaders, politicians…the list is almost endless. But how about YOU learning to understand, express and consistently satisfy those real needs? 

A two-hour, intensive, in-depth session with Evan Bortnick about YOUR real needs based on powerful archetypal models is a giant step in the journey towards understanding, expressing and fulfilling your needs.

My numerous passions ignite your numerous passions

Why I'm the right coach for you

Because I've done it, trained it and taught trainers to train it!

When I was a kid, my teachers used to tell my parents: "smart boy, but he doesn't concentrate". When I was younger that translated into "I'm bad or I'm crazy." Basically, for me, the message was clear: "I'M NOT OK!"
As I got a bit more mature I realized that lack of 'concentration' was intense and versatile curiosity!
So I made "doesn't concentrate" into a kind of mantra. Because of that, all of my passions, hobbies and interests turned somehow into money-making endeavors.
Imagine for a moment that YOUR passions and interests all came to fruition? Imagining this is another step in YOUR journey towards satisfying your Archetypes, your real needs.
It's also the answer to the above question, 'why am I the right coach for you?': because I'm a student and a past-master in achieving what I want and helping clients achieve what THEY want.

If you need convincing or you're interested in a detailed summary of my own experiences and trainings...


What you can expect from an archetypal coaching

Insights from many different models into how YOU tick.
Homework assignments to strengthen these insights.

We are born into this constantly changing life without any kind of blueprint for living it. A part of maturity is discovering/creating a flexible blueprint. 

Imagine for a moment that one actually already exists. 

Imagine for a moment that this blueprint is not only an active, ongoing construct, but also, in addition, flexibly coded into our very genes. Like our fingerprints, like our voices, like the shape of our hands, it is unique to us. It was created by something and changes according to a pattern that this something regulates. We are, through our emotions, thoughts and actions, in constant dialogue with this something. The language of this dialogue is symbolic. 

An intense discussion about these symbols and this language polishes your skills in communicating. 
Communication is, of course, what we do with other people. Yet it is also what we do with these symbols, these inner archetypal representations within us. Polishing this polishes the very quality of our lives.
I've developed a number of skills from a number of disciplines to do just this. I'd love to share them with you.


Your inner and outer Goals

Defining "success" from the inside out and from the outside in.

Often, in the first half of our lives, we go where life leads us. As we mature, we get more of a sense of who we are and how we can be true to who we are. On the one hand, of course, this has to do with our 'outer life'; our accomplishments, our bank account, our status. On the other hand, there is something in our inner life which calls out for fulfillment. If they jive, if these are congruent, we are living the good life. If they are out of synch, we can feel it. This is when people seek me out and why I've been so busy of late; often this synchronisation between inner and outer life needs tweeking, ESPECIALLY in a new life phase. Life as a 'single' is different than life as a 'couple'. Your inner game and your outer game are challenged to grow. Life with kids is different than life as an 'empty nester'. Your inner game and your outer game are challenged to grow. Life as an employee is different than life as a free-lancer. In other words, when you enter into a new life phase and are looking to optimize newly forming skills;
WRITE ME! It's what I LIVE FOR!!!